Xamarin MonoMac DLL and MonoGame issue

When I tried to load a PNG file as a Texture2D I get the following error:

System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'MonoMac.AppKit.NSImage.AsCGImage'

The code to repro is from the default "MonoGame Mac Application" new solution template:

Texture2D logoTexture;
logoTexture = Content.Load ("logo"); // << Error is here

The MonoGame forum says it is because the version of the MonoMac DLL that comes with Xamarin Studio is out of date.

Is there a timeframe on when this DLL will be updated for Xamarin studio?


  • Steve_WilliamsSteve_Williams AUBeta ✭✭

    Xamarin.Mac got an update that changed some APIs, such as AsCGImage. The released version of MonoMac does not have those API changes yet, but the changes have been made in MonoMac's Git repository. We just need a new version of MonoMac to be released so that both MonoMac and Xamarin.Mac have the same APIs again.

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