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Hiding the navigation bar on Android

Is there a way to hide the navigation bar on Android though CocosSharp? I'd like the application to be truly full screen.



  • RamiTabbaraRamiTabbara AUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi Vance,

    Yep, within your MainActivity you could do something like the following

        public class MainActivity : AndroidGameActivity
            protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)
                View decorView = Window.DecorView;
                var uiOptions = (int)decorView.SystemUiVisibility;
                var newUiOptions = (int)uiOptions;
                newUiOptions |= (int)SystemUiFlags.LowProfile;
                newUiOptions |= (int)SystemUiFlags.Fullscreen;
                newUiOptions |= (int)SystemUiFlags.HideNavigation;
                newUiOptions |= (int)SystemUiFlags.Immersive;
                decorView.SystemUiVisibility = (StatusBarVisibility)newUiOptions;
                var application = new CCApplication();
                application.ApplicationDelegate = new GameAppDelegate();

    Just keep in mind that Immersive mode is only supported on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and later.

  • VanceSoudersVanceSouders USUniversity


    Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for.


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