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What's going on behind the scenes

DirkWeltzDirkWeltz DEMember ✭✭✭

On Evolve 2014 Xamarin presented a new Android emulator as preview. Some weeks later, Microsoft present a much more elaborated one too.

On Evolve 2014 Xamarin presented Insight, a crash report system. Yesterday I read, that Microsoft buyewd the German company BitStadium and their product HockeyApp, which isn't only for crash reports, but also for distribution of alpha and beta versions to Android, iOS, WinPhone and Mac OSX (see A elaborate system, tested for some years.

So, what is the strategy of Microsoft? They make efforts to bring VS up to a multiplatform development system. With knowing this, shouldn't Xamarin stop their efforts with their Android player and Insight and shift the development to Xamarin.Forms? Is Xamarin the next, which is on the shopping list of Microsoft? And is this a good direction?

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