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Cannot find Facebook SDK in the Store?

KennyTangKennyTang HKMember

Hi, I am new to Xamarin. I am trying to develop a cross platform app which will have to use Facebook services.

I would like to use the Facebook SDK which is on

However, I found no way to include the downloaded folder into the project.

I read the official docs for components:
However, I can't find the Facebook SDK on the store.


May I know why or how may I fix it and use it?

Thanks :)


  • BillHolmesBillHolmes USXamarin Team Xamurai

    My guess is that you are trying to add that component to a Unified iOS project. Currently this Facebook component does not support Unified.

  • KennyTangKennyTang HKMember

    You are right. I'm using the Unified API. Then I have to find another solution.
    Anyway thanks for your help.

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