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Memory Leak?

geredgered CAMember
edited April 2013 in Visual Studio

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed Xamarin Studio possibly having a memory leak? I did a quick search first before posting this and didn't find anything about it.

I regularly have to restart it because it will, over the course of several hours of use, become more and more sluggish with most things such as typing code, opening/closing file tabs, any kind of code completion dropdown, use of "Go to declaration", and others. We're not talking a huge slowdown (not that I've seen yet anyway), but enough to be noticeable.

Every time I've started noticing some slowdowns with these kinds of things, if I check how much memory Xamarin Studio is using it'll be over 1GB. At which point I'll close and reopen it and the last solution I had open and Xamarin Studio will only be using maybe 200MB-ish of memory.

The solution I've been working on most over the last couple days has a couple hundred source files in it spread out over 4 separate projects. I'd guess less then 10-20k lines of code (don't have a code metrics tool handy at the moment).

Also, closing the solution instead of Xamarin Studio doesn't seem to affect memory usage. If I do this when Xamarin Studio is using ~1GB of memory, it will stay at that same level.


  • JeffreyStedfastJeffreyStedfast USXamarin Team Xamurai

    I think that Michael Hutchinson recently fixed a bunch of Mono.Cairo memory leaks which may be what you are seeing.

    His fixes should make it into the next release.

  • geredgered CAMember

    Cool, hopefully that was the issue then. Looking forward to the next release!

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