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December 9th: Sydney: Xamarin Forms and Other Stuff (code structure and Mvvm deep dive)

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Date: December 9th

Location: Envoy Offices, North Sydney

Details: Xamarin Forms and Other Stuff

We have an awesome presentation lined up for this month from Jordan Knight (@jakkaj). Definitely worth listening to. Take a look at the details, and at Jordan's bio below.

Also as it's the last meetup of the year there will be a bit more time for networking and socialising.

See you there!

Xamarin Forms and Other Stuff

In this session Jordan talks (better yet - shows) you around the most up to date patterns and practices for mobile development, centering on Xamarin Forms technology.

We'll investigate the best ways to structure applications, from repository, to service, to view model, to view. We'll integrate dependency injection and IOC (using Autofac) before building out a real work app on stage using all the best bits complete with full MVVM framework sample code available on GitHub.

We'll throw in some super simple client side resilient workflow and some other techniques that are all too often overlooked when building phone apps!

Using these super advanced techniques you can make day to day development super simple for your team (make that crazy simple).

No mistakes, this talk will take no prisoners - this is for experienced .NET developers only! We'll be leaving basics at the door.


Jordan is the Solution Architect and Director of Xamling, an Australian based software dev company.

The Xamling team have a history of first to market apps on new technology for Windows Phone, Windows 8, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in the tier one space.

Xamling have built a range of demos for TechEd (including Keynotes) over the years, and have had a long standing history of TechEd presentations.

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