How can I customize an install package? (NOT for App Store)

I want to distribute an install package (.pkg) to install our Xamarin Mac application not through the App Store. Creating the pkg file seems easy enough after I selected my Apple Developer ID after checking "Sign the installer package" on the "Mac Signing" page under Build Options.

But I would like to add an "Agree to License" page to the install that the user must agree to after reading the license doc. Also I would like the change the background image. Note that I have not checked "Create installer package" on the Mac Build page under Build options - since we do not currently plan to distribute through the Mac App Store.

Does anyone know how I can customize the pkg install in the way I want?

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  • I've downloaded the application you suggested (Packages) and spent 20 minutes testing it. It's easy to use, does everything I want (license agreement, custom background) and more and seems to work well. I haven't fully tested the resulting pkg but I believe it will work well. I did notice that the resulting pkg is roughly twice as big as the one I produced through XS and I'm investigating this using Pacifist and it seems like it's partly due to what's in the MonoBundle. I'll post here again if I run into any major issues.

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