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I installed Xamarin and intended to use Android Player.

My KitKat device would not start, so I tried to delete it, it failed, but told me to try and remove from Oracle VM. I did this, and is still will not delete. Jelly Bean works fine at this point.

Another message says to reinstall, so I removed Oracle VM, Android Player, and reinstalled. The two Devices appear in the Android Player Still, but there is nothing in Oracle VM. I now cannot delete or start either from the Android Player, and neither work.

Is there a way to reset the Android Player App, is there a file or Registry entry I can delete, so it actually starts again from scratch without the two devices that are stuck.

Reinstalling does not remove the items from Android Player.

Please Help.



  • For anyone else with this problem.

    I have found the location to reset the android player:


    I deleted everything from here, and restarted the Xamarin android player, it allowed me to re download the devices, and all works fine.

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