How to connect View with ViewModel using Acr.XamarinForms

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Hi everyone,

in my Xamarin Forms app I want to scan barcodes. In this thread someone suggested to use Acr.XamarinForms.

Now I tried to start by understanding the sample but i have the following problem:

In the sample they wire up the viewmodel with the corresponding view in this line of code:
Container = new ContainerBuilder() .RegisterMvvmComponents(typeof(App).GetTypeInfo().Assembly)

But I just dont understand how I can explicitly add a new Viewmodel and where the connection to the view is.

Any help is appreciated!

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  • ErichBallesErichBalles USMember

    Ok thank you, I'm not sure if you should take it down, but at least document it somewhere. It took me hours of debugging but I still just didn't find it ;)

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