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Xamarin Android Player: debugger fails to attach, SDK emulators: no longer detected

After installing the latest Xamarin updates on both my Mac and Windows machine, the Xamarin Studio debugger fails to attach to the Xamarin Android Player. The emulator starts up, the app is deployed to the emulator and starts running correctly, but the debugger will not attach.

When I wanted to try the "standard" Android SDK emulators, I had even bigger problems. The emulator starts, but Xamarin does not detect it is running. So Xamarin Studio keeps telling me it is starting the emulator, even though it's already been running for quite some time.

It looks like the latest update broke some of the emulator / debugger stuff. Is there something I can do to fix this, because this is a serious issue that is preventing me from completing my project?


  • I'm still not sure what the problem was, but the Android SDK emulators are now working again, after restarting both Xamarin Studio and the emulator a couple of times. I will try the Xamarin Android Emulator again later and let you know if the debugger is now attaching.

  • IngeSchepersIngeSchepers NLMember
    edited November 2014

    I just posted that the Xamarin Android Player is now fully functional again, but I did not look closely enough. It starts, the app starts, but the debugger still fails to attach. Even after multiple restarts of both Xamarin Studio and the Xamarin Android Player.

    So, the current status: Android emulators are fully functional again, including debugging. Xamarin Android Player works and can be deployed to, but the Xamarin Studio debugger fails to attach.

    An help with getting the debugger to work with Xamarin Android Player would be appreciated.

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