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How To Avoid Java.Lang.OutOfMemoryError When Loading Images On GridView?

Im using GridView on some activities in my application, and as long as i stay on one of these activities, i can load as many images as i want, but once i leave the activity and open another one that loads images on the grid, just some of the pictures got loaded and then i get the Java.Lang.OutOfMemoryError on my log.

Im using a the UrlImageViewHelper writed by Redth -
which it's a ported version of the UrlImageViewHelper writed by Koush -

I know the problem it's caused by objects stored on memory even after i finish the activity, but how can i handle this?

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  • LubomrSokolovskLubomrSokolovsk CZMember ✭✭

    I was getting the same error when creating mutable copies from Drawables... maybe you are doing the same?

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