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Bind with library which use assets

MichalMiedlarzMichalMiedlarz PLMember
edited November 2014 in Xamarin.Android


In my first Xamarin-Android app, I want to show large image with zooming, scrolling etc. so I've decided to use TileView:

I've bind it successfully (with adding my own C# implementation of one method), but when I try to use it in my Activity:

protected override void OnCreate (Bundle bundle){ base.OnCreate (bundle); LinearLayout layout = new LinearLayout (this); layout.Orientation = Orientation.Vertical; tileView = new TileView (this); tileView.SetSize (8000, 6000); tileView.AddDetailLevel (1, "Tiles/TestImage/test_%col%_%row%.jpg"); tileView.SetBackgroundColor (Color.White); layout.AddView (tileView); SetContentView (layout); }

I dont see anything on the screen...

My first shot, is that binded library does not have access to Assets folder to load TestImage, but for now I dont know how to check or fix it?

Do you have any ideas?




  • Yeah, I'm getting FileNotFoundException when I try to load image.

    Where I should put my assets to see them in Binding library?

  • PhilippeTPhilippeT FRMember ✭✭


    I am new with Xamarin too.
    I am really interested with the TileView Project ( or a similar library.

    Indeed, i have to do an interactive map with zoom, scroll, custom background, interactive elements, etc... and i believe this lib could be the best solution for Android.

    Does somebody succeed create bindings for this library (or a similar one) ?
    PS : I am open to any suggestion, or alternative.

    Best regards,

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