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How To: Navigate between ContentPages

Coming from the Windows Phone world, I was used to navigate to any page simply with NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri("/MyOtherPage.xaml", UriKind.Relative));

When I started to build my first serious app with Xamarin I had to realise that things aren't that simple over here. So I looked around to find a solution that comes close to the Windows Phone-Way. This is what I found out.

If you started your first page of your app with a `ContentPage` as well, this is how you go on to navigate to your next page:

  • You can't navigate directly from a ContentPage to another.
  • A ContentPage is just content of a page container.
  • So you need a container for your ContentPages. I chose NavigationPage.

Create a single ContentPage to your liking and make sure it descents from ContentPage

public class WelcomePage : ContentPage

After declaring all your fields, fill up its constructor like this

public WelcomePage()
    //This is a setting to make my page look autonomous
    NavigationPage.SetHasNavigationBar(this, false);

    _loginButton.Clicked += async (s, e) =>
        await Navigation.PushAsync(new LoginPage());

    _registerButton.Clicked += async (s, e) =>
        Navigation.PushAsync(new RegisterPage());

    this.Content = new StackLayout
             Padding = new Thickness(14, 20, 14, 20),
             Children =

Finally, all you need to do now is make your WelcomePage a child of a NavigationPage

public class PageManager
    public static NavigationPage Init()
        NavigationPage nav = new NavigationPage(new WelcomePage());
        return nav;

In your MainActivity.cs for example, boot it all up with

protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)

    Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Init(this, bundle);
    //Let's go


  • seansparkmanseansparkman USInsider, University, Developer Group Leader mod

    Navigation.PopAsync(new ContentPage());

    Replace ContentPage with the name of your class page.

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