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Xamarin Studio can't run anything

PandaWoodPandaWood AUMember
edited November 2014 in General

No matter what kind of solution I create, I can't run any application and I don't understand what I'm missing.

Nothing on the "Run" menu is enabled and subsequently the second dropdown after choosing eg "Debug | iPhoneSimulator" is always disabled (the word "Default" showing)

I've installed Xamarin on Mac. I've also installed the OSX, iOS and Android components. My trail periods for iOS and Android have 29 days remaining, if that's relevant.

No matter how carefully I study all the setup and "Get Started" guides that I could find, none of them address my issue - not being able to "Run" my application in any way. If I press the "Play" button (top-left) it simply builds all.

For example, I followed everything in here, to the letter. But all instructions assume that you can just "Run your application" - and I cannot.

Can anyone suggest what I might be missing - as this is a complete roadblock for me.
I've looked in preferences and all my JDK/SDK's etc are all set and green ticked - I don't know what else to look for.


  • Hey
    What rights do the logged in user have? Are you the admin of the computer? I would try to reinstall the Xamarin software once again but not the other SDKs.

  • PandaWoodPandaWood AUMember
    edited November 2014

    Thanks, I did reinstall without any luck.

    However, I've discovered the problem was that there was no default startup project!
    I hope someone at Xamarin can take the following suggestions - because I had no idea about this and I don't see any reasonable way that I could have.

    • When I create a solution with multiple projects in Xamarin Studio, set one as the startup project automatically (this was not done)
    • When I hit the "Play" button (top/left) and I have no default startup project - warn me that there is no startup project
    • Don't just disable everything on the Run menu - leave them enabled and explain the problem when I select it
    • Mention the possibility of there being no startup project in the "Getting Started" tutorials

    Any one of these suggestions would have allowed me to solve the problem quickly.

  • JeffryJonesJeffryJones USMember

    I'll second PandaWood's recommendation - I've been stumped by the same issue for a good while, and it would have been helpful if the IDE had some way of reporting the problem.

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