How do I programmtically set the Id property for testing

I am trying to find out how to set the ID property for UITesting. I see it exists, but I can't find an Id property. Can I make one and it gets applied or is there a method to set it. You can see it exists here
"Id": null,
"Description": "; layer = >",
"Rect": {
"Width": 32.0,
"Height": 45.0,
"X": 2.0,
"Y": 269.0,
"CenterX": 18.0,
"CenterY": 291.5
"Label": null,
"Text": null,
"Class": "UIView",
"Enabled": true


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    I'd this I copied from

    Then in my second screen I have
    UIView testView = new UIView (this.View.Frame); testView.SetAccessibilityId ("MainFluentView"); Add (testView);

    And finally my test:
    public void CanSeeButton ()
    Func<AppQuery, AppQuery> fluentView = c => c.Marked("MainFluentView");

                //_app.Repl ();
            _app.WaitForElement (fluentView,
                "Waiting for view");
            _app.Repl ();`
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    Forgot to mention I show a splash page, then show a landing page, the the actual login page this view exists on. It never sees this view ( takes 3 seconds to appear ) I have a timeout of 10 seconds.

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    Can this be moved to the Xamarin Test Cloud forum so maybe it has a better chance of being answered.

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