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VB.NET support



  • FahimFahim AUMember, University

    Guys, it is all about your comfort zone. Those who say they know both C# and VB.Net, but still like C# and finds it easier to program, that's your comfort. Likewise VB developers are comfortable with VB and not C#. Everyone keeps arguing about the syntax being the same, it is not hard to switch and has the same CLS. I wonder why there are still growing number of VB.Net developers. I will bet you, If you are a primary C# developer and you were given a project to develop fully in VB you will struggle and take more time to complete vs developing in C#.

  • AlexWhiteAlexWhite GBMember ✭✭✭

    More than 50% of my paying work is VBA so VB is very natural to me, but I still prefer to write C# code, but I don't have that choice when writing functions for MS Access/MS Office, I made the move over to C# because I had a number of projects coming up that I needed to hand over and they wanted the projects coded in C#, also at the time (around 8-9 years ago) there were more examples in C# than VB.NET. I had a number of live VB.NET projects which I slowly converted over to C# for maintenance reasons. I like being able to go to my clients and give then the full choices rather than what is my preferred based on comfort, most of my work gets handed over to 3rd parties eventually so I have to keep that in mind.

    If I could write everything in SQL stored procedures I would because that is my favorite of all the systems I write in but it is only good for the back end databases, so everything is a compromise.

    Part of the problem here is Microsoft backing two competitive languages the same, every example on their site has both a VB.NET and a C# version, my guess is if VBA changed over to C# over time they would get a load of people move over to C#, for Microsoft VBA is one of the entry points for people tinkering with programming.

  • Motorpsy7Motorpsy7 DEMember

    I actually don't see the real point about this.
    We all know that VB.NET and C# Languages are "IDENTCAL" by the Common Language Specification. There are even online services that can translate one to another.
    THEN it should be no issue ... an absolute no brainer for xamarin to use either language without big effort.
    But the fact is... it's their decision, not ours.

    Another fact is that it is easier to move from VB6 to VB.NET - which I did easily and auto-converted a lot of code - than from VB6 to C#. And it's hard to learn different languages even if they are "identical". For some people it might be easier for some harder.

    For me it's strange to see why people support their language in this way and how it leads to those "wars" especially between C# and VB.NET programmers, just like Windows against Apple, and many more.

    Why shouldn't we have the efficiency (call it "comfort" if you want) to keep on using that .Net language we chose before. That was one of the main reasons we did it: because they are compatible and exchangable. (Which let's me repeat: I don't believe it could be such a big thing to implement VB.NET - Support for Xamarin. )

    Bute please ... let people decide for themselves what language they choose and for which reasons.

  • Please Xamarin allow us coder to use VB.Net for creating applications.

  • hayder78hayder78 MYMember
    edited November 2017

    Now in 2017 June, VB.NET is supported by Xamarin and can be compiled to Android and IOS and Windows Universal app.
    See here (I cannot post links since I have just now registered to tell you about it, so please add www before the following):

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