How do I create a new AVD (emulator) for Nexus 7?

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Altho I have many years of development experience including .NET/VB/C#, I am new to mobile apps and to Xamarin. I have successfully installed Xamarin Studio 4.0, Xamarin.Android and related and I can build the sample Tasky app, and deploy it to one of the supplied emulators {MonoForAndroid_API_15} which is Android 4.0.3 .

I can launch several of the supplied emulators {MonoForAndroid_API_10, MonoForAndroid_API_15}. I have a Nexus 7 and am having fits trying to create a new emulator {MonoForAndroid_API_16} using Android 4.1.2 . I can at last launch the Nexus7 emulator; it shows the "ANDROID" logo ... and nothing else.

I modified both projects {Tasky.Core.Android_Starter, TaskyAndroid} to target Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and then did a clean all and rebuild all w/o errors. Here are my settings for MonoForAndroid_API_16

AVD NAme: MonoForAndroid_API_16

Device: (Nexus 7 (7.27", 800 x 1280: tvdpi)

Target: Android 4.1.2 - API Level 16

CPU/ABI: ARM (armeabi-v7a)

Keyboard: not checked

Skin: not checked

Front Camera: None {does it matter?}

Front Camera: None

Memory Options: RAM=768, VM Heap=32 (default)

Internal Storage: 8 GiB

SD Card -none-
Size: blank

Emulation Options
Snapshot: not checked
Use Host GPU: not checked

HELP will be greatly appreciated.

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