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TechEd Europe 2014: Go Mobile with C#, Visual Studio, and Xamarin

JamesMontemagnoJamesMontemagno USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

This year at TechEd Europe I presented on taking your code mobile with Xamarin to iOS and Android:



Xamarin enables C# developers to become native iOS, Android, and Windows mobile app developers overnight. In this session, learn how to leverage your existing Microsoft .NET and C# skills to create iOS and Android mobile apps in Visual Studio with Xamarin. In addition to allowing you write your iOS and Android apps in C#, Xamarin lets you reuse existing .NET libraries and share your business logic across iOS, Android, and Windows apps. This session also gives you the tools to determine how much existing C# code can go mobile to iOS and Android, plus helps you determine the architecture necessary to support maximum code sharing and reuse. We also provide guidance and best practices for handling fragmentation across and within each device platform. During this session we will cover the Xamarin platform and how to create native iOS, Android, and Windows apps in C#. Moreover, we will really focus on the code with several live coding adventures throughout the entire session. When you leave you will have the knowledge to create your first iOS & Android in C# with Xamarin in Visual Studio.

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