iOS Current Location Access

Hi guys,


I have a requirement in my app where the user clicks check-in, the app gets the current user location and saves the check-in time. App should proceed to save the details only after the user allows to access the current location.


When we use location services in an application, we receive an IOS alert saying the application is trying to use the current location -- Allow/Don't Allow.

I want to force the user to select Allow application to use the current location to proceed further. Currently what is happening is irrespective of user selecting Allow/Don't Allow, it proceeds to save the check-in time.

I have tried the following

Native iOS:

    public bool IsGeolocationEnabled
        get {

            return (CLLocationManager.Status >= CLAuthorizationStatus.AuthorizedAlways && CLLocationManager.LocationServicesEnabled);


if (!_Geolocator.IsGeolocationEnabled)

                this.ShowMessage("Location Service Disabled", Device.OS == TargetPlatform.Android ? Constants.LocationErrorMessageDroid : Device.OS == TargetPlatform.iOS ? Constants.LocationErrorMessageiOS : Constants.LocationErrorMessageWin);
                return false;
            this.ScheduleVM.IsBusy = true;
            this.ScheduleVM.LoadingMessage = "Getting Current Location...";

            await this._Geolocator.GetPositionAsync(20000)
                    .ContinueWith(t =>
                        IsBusy = false;
                        if (t.IsFaulted)

                        else if (t.IsCanceled)
                            ScheduleVM.CurrentLocation = new LatLongValue();
                            ScheduleVM.CurrentLocation = new LatLongValue
                                Latitude = t.Result.Latitude,
                                Longitude = t.Result.Longitude
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