[Winphone8] Performance of xamarin form in Winphone8

I have a project that 1 homepage contains serveral items (contaner is not a listview). Each item is a view and I added manually. And something may be goes wrong, the application runs quite slow. It take over 3 seconds to load one item (device : Nokia 520). With 20 items, it took over 2 minutes :( . I have checked on output window, seem to be every time a item loading, two exception named ArgumentException and AmbiguousMatchException have been thrown.

Could every body can check what I did wrong with HomePageItem.xaml to cause it runs slow ? I'v attached the file below.
Thank in advanced.


  • FredyWengerFredyWenger CHInsider ✭✭✭✭✭

    I also have noticed some (for me strange) performance-problems with WP.
    See forums.xamarin.com/discussion/27259/stacklayout-scrollview-extremly-slow-in-windows-phone#latest
    Unfortunately, I don't have received any answer yet...

  • It looks like Xamarin form hasn't supported view render very good.

    I use the default text view provided by Xamarin, the scrollview work normally (quite slow compare to the native but acceptable). But the problem is occurred when I create the custom view.

    This happens with all UI elements. Application performance quite good with the simple UI, but terrible with the app having heavy UI.

  • CraigDunnCraigDunn USXamarin Team Xamurai

    There are a couple of tips to improve performance... some layout types perform better than others so if you're interested in trying different approaches you may be able to increase the speed.

  • @FredyWenger : It seem like StackLayout in Xamarin.Form is terrible, I think.
    @CraigDunn : Because in our project, we have to use StackLayout instead of ListView because we have to make some animation for each item.So we don't have any choice.

  • FredyWengerFredyWenger CHInsider ✭✭✭✭✭

    @CraigDunn‌, :
    Thanks for the reply, but @nguyenhuynh.3084‌ has said it right.
    In my case, I have to use a simple StackLayout for a search-page and also a StackLayout for showing a page with detail-information's. I don't see any possibility to "optimize" it - I simple have to use it.
    On iOS and Android, the detail-page is showed within less then a second, in WP it takes about 5 seconds (while a black empty page is showed to the user in this time) -> this is not usable (and.. I have bought the newest Lumia 930).
    Further, If the Icon to the search-page is tapped, it also takes 1-2 Seconds to show the simple search-page.
    If there was done an search before the search-icon is tapped, it also takes seconds, until the icon shows, that it was tapped, so the user means, that the tap was not recognized at tap's once again.
    Also, I have another big problem with the master-detail-page (remove icons from detail.page), where I urgent need help (until now, I don't have received any answer). See:

    For me, It really seems, as the WP-platform is not implemented fully yet (very slow, master-detail don't really work's and also some functions are not implemented yet for WP).
    I specially wonder about, as Xamarin has a new cooperation with MS (and I'm sure, that Xamarin has won a lot of new Customers since Xamarin is also itegrated in Visuals Studio).
    There are various workaround's to implement for WP from every developer, to try WP bring to work with XF (this should not be).
    So.. I really hope, that Xamarin is working on a big (performance-)optimization and real integration on WP.
    => Maybe you can say something to that....?
    And.. can you please give me a feedback to the "icon-problem" (see link above)...?

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