Screen flicker on navigation

PeterMajor.5288PeterMajor.5288 ✭✭GBMember, University ✭✭

I'm using Xamarin Forms in my app. I've followed the recommended pattern for showing a login screen within a navigation page - my initial page is a page within a navigation page and then the login page is shown using PushModelAsync()

If the user clicks on a "Sign out" menu within the app, then I call PopToRootAsync() and then PushModalAsync() directly after.

The problem, both in the case of starting the app and in the case of signing out is that I get the first screen animating in, then the modal over top of it animating in. This causes an uncomfortable flicker where the first screen is momentarily available before the login screen shows...

Anyone have any advice for how to get rid of that flicker? Ideally I'd do all my navigation changes, and then the animation would show for only the page that is actually at the top of the stack...

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