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Override/Disable back button in Portable project

Hi all,

We have got the following issue: we want to override or disable completely the back button functionality in the Portable project.
Is there a way now that this can be done in the Portable project? Or do we have to implement it for each platform specificly?

Thanks in advance,


  • AngelCalvasAngelCalvas ECUniversity ✭✭

    I believe you must implement this in each platform specifically, do you wish to disable it for the whole map? or only for the root view?

  • I am writing my code in the Portable project via Xamarin Forms. All of my UI is in there (Portable project). And I want to disable the physical back buttons on Android (and on WP) on the whole page in some situations (on some conditions).
    So my question again i,s is there currently a way to disable the physical back buttons in the Portable project. Because this is very basic funtionality and if it is not implemented, I will have to rewrite my code for each OS and implement the back button disabling functionality in each project.

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