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Azure Messaging / Notification Hubs how to update registrations?

I'm using the Azure Messaging component on iOS (and soon Android). I have it working mostly fine. On my appdelegate startup it registers for several tags and messages get delivered correctly. However, now I want to dynamically modify the registration at runtime. I have tried :

These either do not modify the registrations (the first bullet above) or completely remove that device registration ID from the hub! What are the steps required to update the registration list? It's not obvious to me :) The device tokens are correct and match. The connection is not down. I get messages just fine. But I cannot change the registration list except at startup. The dynamic list of tags are correct and if I save them to disk and send the new tag list on the next app startup, it works. Is there something magical about calling Azure Messaging inside of the RegisteredForRemoteNotifications(UIApplication application, NSData deviceToken) callback?

Any help appreciated.


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