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Testing Web API on localhost from iOS/Android emulator

MarkRadacz.9381MarkRadacz.9381 USMember, University

Would like to allow my app to test Web API on localhost running in VM/Windows 8/VS 2013
We're developing an app and the web service at the same time. Would like to be able to run copy of the dev server in VM instance (W8/Visual Studio 2013).

Is it possible to access the web service on the localhost from the iPhone/Android simulator?


  • MihaMarkicMihaMarkic SI ✭✭✭✭

    As long as your host computer is reachable to Android device it is possible. But not by using "localhost". Instead you should use computer's name or IP address and make sure the firewall doesn't block your web service.

    TL;DR; it works as with any computer on network.

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