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Streethawk component (IOS) - not able to receive push notifications


I am trying to get the push notifications up and running on a mobile app, with no success for IOS.

What i've done is as follows:

Firstly I've added the component to the app, i have then copied the code below to the AppDelegate.cs class.

public override bool FinishedLaunching (UIApplication application, NSDictionary launchOptions)
{ ("", StreetHawkApnsMode.StreetHawkApnsMode_Prod, true, true, "");

return true;

I then went to apple's developer portal and created a new developer certificate for my app and created "Apple push notification service SSL" certificates for both dev and production using my developer certificate, created a provisioning profile for the device, downloaded and installed it.

I was then able to successfully debug on the device.

In the Streethawk website i created a profile and followed the instructions to set up push notifications for the IOS app in the Xamarin tab from the installation main menu. I followed instructions, exporting the keychains i created in the previous steps to generate two "p12" files (dev and prod), uploaded them with their passwords and got to the push screen. It showed a list of all the instances installed, please see screenshot. When i click on "Send test push" button, nothing happens.

If someone could please provide me some assistance in this, i would really appreciate it.

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