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Just posted: Automate UI Testing Using Xamarin.UITest

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  • ScottSmith.8058ScottSmith.8058 USMember, University

    Do you have any advice for writing UI Tests for a Xamarin.Forms application? Specifically, we are using DisplayAlert to display popups. These popups, in the future, will contain text in different languages. Right now I am testing that the correct dialog is displayed based on the English version of the text contained in the title and the message, since I do not have a means of setting the styleId for these items. How would I write these tests so that I am not relying on the English text?

  • blue_gengblue_geng USMember ✭✭

    @ MichaelBluestein
    I want to upload uitest to test cloud . I modify a command script. But I don't know how to use it. packages\Xamarin.UITest.2.1.2\tools\test-cloud.exe can not run after double click. vs command window also not work

    OS: Win 10 17017 preview
    VS: 2017 15.4.0

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