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2D direct rendering via System.Drawing

As announced by Miguel on his blog this August Xamarin is working on implementing 2D direct rendering through the old System.Drawing API:

We are working on bringing the System.Drawing API to all of the mobile
platforms. We have completed an implementation of System.Drawing for
iOS using CoreGraphics, and we are now working on both an Android
and WinPhone implementations.

(I tried posting a comment there but Miguel is too busy and isn't moderating comments there any more)

This is in excellent opportunity for me to port/dust off some of my old Windows Forms 2.0 (shudder) GDI+ drawing code to the mobile platforms!

The only snag is that I have no idea about the availability of Android implementation (I can 'afford' to ignore Windows Phone platform due to its small market share; isn't it ironic how we're building using Microsoft's tools*, language and old API but targeting everything but Microsoft platform?)

If there's someone from Xamarin reading this, could you please let me know if there's a repo somewhere where I can get the sources from for the Android platform? I don't mind rough edges and I understand that I'll have to make sure myself to have a nice cross platform story (I assume turning System.Drawing implementation into PCL will be the last step in the process). I'd like to test my code on both iOS and Android from the very beginning if possible.

Also, could you confirm/deny the basis for Windows Phone implementation - Win2D (freshly announced by Microsoft, so moving target) or something else? Either way, will the code work on so-called Unified projects (that can be shared between WinPhone and WinStore apps)?

Thanks in advance for any info and keep up the good work.

*some are using Visual Studio instead or in addition to Xamarin Studio

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