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Another oddity

I managed to reconnect the Mac Host, and run a debug as a iPhone4s. I then switched the target device to iPad Retina and attempted to start a new session.
I received a warning and an error:
Warning: 'The executable name (FormsTemplateiOS) and the app name ( are different, this may prevent crash logs from getting symbolicated properly.
Error: Failed to start application on the target simulator.

I found FormsTemplateiOS in the Teachers.iOS properties as the assembly name and modified that. I don't understand why your project template uses that rather than ohhh the project name but ok.
To fix the "error" I did a clean then Debug->Start new instance and the simulator switched to the iPad simulator.

Reconnecting the Mac Host consisted of the following steps:
1) Unpair the Mac Build Host
2) Shut down Visual studio
3) Restart Visual studio
4) Wait patiently for the warning message about no host, double click the warning message and enter the verification code.( a working reconnect/recover option in the toolbar would be really really really really really nice)
5) Hope that the VS addin doesn't convince itself that another instance of VS has connected to the host......


  • CharlesHoranCharlesHoran USMember ✭✭

    Ok now this one is just plain funny/sad I'm not sure which.

    I changed the assembly name for my iOS app away from the very friendly 'FormsTemplateiOS' to 'Teachers.iOS', seemed straight forward enough. As soon as I changed the name the app would deploy to the simulator but would fail to start. I'll attach a screenshot of the error. As soon as I changed the assembly name back to 'FormsTemplateiOS' (and of course did a clean build since I can't trust your build files) it deployed and started successfully.

    From this I can only conclude that the name 'FormsTemplateiOS' is hardcoded somewhere and that we cannot change the assembly name...I have to wonder how many of the reported 'Failed to start application on the target simulator' errors are due to this. Is this intended behavior? If so why and where is it documented?

    It is frustrating that so much of my time is being spent on errors, bugs, and just plain sloppiness. The VS tooling needs a serious QA cycle guys. Right now it hinders almost as much as it helps.

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