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How to set anchor for popover segue in storyboard?

I have a new storyboard where I want to connect a button to a view controller with a popover segue. As soon as I add the view controller via the Xamarin Studio designer, connect the segue, click the segue, and view properties, I see an "! Object Required" in red for the Anchor field. A little dropdown seems to be present beside the Anchor field, but single clicking it does nothing, and double-clicking it crashes Xamarin Studio EVERY time.

Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround? Should I resort to omitting the segue altogether and launching the popover in code?



  • Exactly the same problem here. I even tried opening .storyboard in Xcode and assigning Anchor from there - it works fine, but when you switch back to Xamarin it's empty again. This bug essentially renders Popover segues unusable, which is kind of sad.

  • MichaelRoopMichaelRoop USMember

    I had this same problem with using Visual Studio storyboard designer. There, the message tells you to drag a control to it. However I cannot drag anything into the box as it goes out of focus immediately.

    However I can set the anchor manually by using the "Localization ID" property of the control I want to anchor to.

    So, if I have a button Called btnPop and it has a Localization ID of 6087, I go into the segue property and in the Anchor box I add ["6087"]

    I do not know if this will work in the Xamarin Studio Designer

  • JefimijanaJefimijana USMember ✭✭


    currently i am facing very strange problem.

    I have only simple UIViewController with UIButton which should display SecondViewController (UINavigationController with default UITableViewController as Root) but when i added a Segue (show) to it, iOS Designer is giving me this:

    Does someone know why?

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