UIImagePickerController show black screen for every second shot


I don't like to cross post but to spread it to more people I did the full post on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26508857/uiimagepickercontroller-show-black-screen-for-every-second-shot

I appreciate any feedback and further hints to solve this problem. I should release our app to be iOS 8 compatible.



  • TonyVlahovicTonyVlahovic USMember ✭✭

    I suspect my issue may have been specific to me, but if using Xamarin.Calabash.Start() in my AppDelegate while in Debug Mode would case the UIImagePickerController to show a black screen for every second shot. Commenting out that line of code fixed the problem. I suspect a fix needs to be applied to that library.

  • RenatoTodorovRenatoTodorov BRMember

    Thanks for the heads up! Would take hours to find out Calabash was the issue here...

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