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Retina MacBook Pro + Windows 8 VM for Visual Studio Development. Encountering display issues.

I am using a MacBook Pro Retina Display (late 2013), running a Windows 8.1 Pro virtual machine on Parallels Desktop 10.

Following this guide ( I have altered my display settings accordingly. ie; It is set to a scaled resolution, rather than 'best for Retina'.

The bottom line is, Windows 8.1 still is horribly pixelated and whilst readable, for extended use, is quite an annoyance. A screenshot of my screen can be found here. Make it fullscreen so you can properly see.

Surely not every developer has this issue? As I can imagine many would be using a retina display macbook running a virtual machine.

How do I get around this? Is anyone else running a similar setup?

note: I don't even want it to be a perfect retina display, I just want it to be not as blurry and more readable.

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