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Simultaneous users and the build host

We are just getting started with Xamarin and I was wondering what others are doing when it comes to developer hardware. I would imagine we have a pretty common setup. All of our developers here have a windows 7 machine running Visual Studio. We now have a team of developers (3-5 ppl) who are going to start doing Xamarin development and we really see two options for our development configuration:

  1. Give each developer a MAC and then use parallels to run windows 7 and visual studio on the MAC that can connect to the XAMARIN build host on the same machine

  2. Setup a MAC server with different user accounts on the machine. Using VNC, each developer could create a session on to the MAC server. With this approach the developer could keep their existing PC setup, with dual monitors and use their existing environment that is already setup and they would leverage the Xamarin build host on the MAC server

Is option 2 even possible? From our initial tests it doesn't seem like it is. We could not host separate instances of the xamarin build host since we were getting errors about other instances running from another account.

Is there a better way?

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