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PCL Storage doesn't work with iOS 8 (alternatives for shared file management?)

appsdevappsdev USMember
edited October 2014 in Cross Platform with Xamarin

In iOS 8, Apple has changed the way to access to the File System Directories.

PCL Storage doesn't work anymore and I don't know if it will be updated.

Are there any other portable class libraries to share "file management" code?

If not, could we use the System.IO classes of the .NET Base Class Library (BCL) (explained in Xamarin) asynchronously?



  • I also would love it to work on iOS 8

  • SteveFinnSteveFinn AUMember

    Is there any answer to this? I just spent (wasted) several hours implementing PCL Storage in my application only to find out that IOS8 is not supported. It should be brought up to date or removed. :(

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