Hardware Recommendations for Xamarin.iOS?

ThomasBandtThomasBandt DEDeveloper Group Leader ✭✭

Hey there,

I am currently working with a MacBook Air Mid 2012, 2.0 Ghz CPU, 256 SSD and 8 GB RAM. As my project is growing week by week, the compile time is slowing down noticeable.

Is there any (in)official recommendation about what component really matters for compiling an app with Xamarin Studio?

(I like the MBA very much and would maybe go for the 13" Retina MBP as an alternative. But if it's all about the CPU, the dual core limitation of the 13" MBP would be a massive obstacle.)




  • ThomasBandtThomasBandt DEDeveloper Group Leader ✭✭

    Nevermind. Saw the geekbanch results for the 13" MBP ... not even really better than the MBA. So I will go for the Mac Mini.

  • NicWiseNicWise NZMember, Insider, Beta mod

    I have a rMBP (the one-from-the-top one) which performs well - as it should :).

    Generally, the faster the better, and SSD if at all possible. But I think a Mac Mini with an SSD would work quite well.... depends on how tolerant you are to waiting. It is doing a fair bit of work.

  • ThomasBandtThomasBandt DEDeveloper Group Leader ✭✭
    edited March 2013

    My tolerance is 0 ;-)

    But if you compare the 13" MBA (which is my current device) with the 13" MBP there is no such strong improvement, as there is compared to the Mac Mini or the 15" MBP.

    But there is also a difference of 1.500 EUR (and some more Dollars ;)) between the Mac Mini and the 15" MBP, where there is only a difference in 1.000 points in the geekbench benchmark. So the decision is clear.

    (And of course I will never ever use a machine without a SSD.)

  • NicWiseNicWise NZMember, Insider, Beta mod

    (And of course I will never ever use a machine without a SSD.)

    Good man. I'm a recent convert, and like someone who has just stopped smoking, I think everyone should get one :)

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