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iPhone code signing key ' [other developer name] (XXXXX)' not found in keychain

cadlgcadlg USMember
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I'm working (as a freelancer) for company with a Business Xamarin subscription.

They have an iOS application that was developed by another developer, which no longer works for the company. I am now working on that app, and they have already invited me to their Apple developer program. I have followed the instructions on this page: Device Provisioning to request the appropriate certificate (which was already approved by the Apple developer program admin, and also was already downloaded on my machine). I'm trying to debug the application on a device that was already provisioned by the company, but when I try to debug the app on the device, I get this error message:

"iPhone code signing key 'iPhone Developer: [other developer name] (xxxxx)' not found in keychain."

I can see my certificate and signing keys are correctly stored in the keychain, and my certificate was requested as a member of the same team which the previous developer was a member of, but I'm not able to debug the application.

This application uses Apple Push Notification capabilities, but I can see on XCode that the appropriate provisioning profile exists for an app like that.

I've developed for several other mobile platforms, but have zero experience on Apple/iOS.

I'm using the latest stable release of Xamarin Studio, if that makes any difference.

What do I (or the company) need to do, so I can debug this app on a device?

I would appreciate any answer, comments or suggestions you can provide.




  • cadlgcadlg USMember

    Thanks so much.

    It was so simple, yet I wasn't able to find it.

  • FrankeMorrisFrankeMorris USMember
    edited August 2017

    Thanks! I had the same issue.

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