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Mail from iTunes Connect "Missing Push Notification Entitlement"

AxelStallknechtAxelStallknecht DEUniversity ✭✭

Hi Xamarines,
I have received the attached Mail from iTunes Connect after Upload an App for review. It says that "Missing Push Notification Entitlement" but I do not use Push Notifications in my App. And I have no idea how to remove the push notifications API. Any suggestions ?

Here is the complete mail :
Dear developer,
We have discovered one or more issues with your recent delivery for "stalle". Your delivery was successful, but you may wish to correct the following issues in your next delivery:
Missing Push Notification Entitlement - Your app appears to include API used to register with the Apple Push Notification service, but the app signature's entitlements do not include the "aps-environment" entitlement. If your app uses the Apple Push Notification service, make sure your App ID is enabled for Push Notification in the Provisioning Portal, and resubmit after signing your app with a Distribution provisioning profile that includes the "aps-environment" entitlement. See "Provisioning and Development" in the Local and Push Notification Programming Guide for more information. If your app does not use the Apple Push Notification service, no action is required. You may remove the API from future submissions to stop this warning. If you use a third-party framework, you may need to contact the developer for information on removing the API.
After you’ve corrected the issues, you can use Xcode or Application Loader to upload a new binary to iTunes Connect.

The App Store team


  • patcarutherspatcaruthers USMember ✭✭✭

    i got this for the first time today and i also am not using push, so of course i don't
    have it in my apps entitlements.

    any one know what is triggering this?

  • EthanPhoenixEthanPhoenix USMember ✭✭

    I have the same issue as well.

  • RogerSchmidlinRogerSchmidlin CHUniversity ✭✭✭

    same here

  • TaorangaTaoranga USMember

    Same here. please assist.

  • JarrodKochJarrodKoch USMember

    Started receiving this on Thursday (8/27/15). Anyone have any idea what is causing this? Is it a problem on Apple's end?

  • CodyBCodyB USXamarin Team Xamurai

    Hey everyone!

    It looks like this is just a warning, so it should not inhibit your ability to publish your apps at all, I thought it was important to get that out there first :)

    Now, it does look like this is happening on both Xamarin and Xcode based projects, as demonstrated by the following Apple forum post:

    However, we will keep an eye on this issue, and please let us know if you notice any changes in the behavior, or if apps are rejected due to this issue.

    Thanks everyone!

  • BytesGuyBytesGuy GBXamarin Team Xamurai

    Hey guys,

    An update here from Apple. Seems like they are aware of the issue now and are working to fix it:

  • kevinsalotkevinsalot USUniversity ✭✭

    Is anyone else still experiencing this? My app does not use push notifications, yet I still get the warning. Is this a known Xamarin issue? Thanks,

  • I'm still getting it, but see from Xamarin's post about the Apple forum that this is an Apple problem, not a Xamarin problem.

  • yes, I got it two weeks ago, but my app was accepted so you can ignore the warning as long as you are not using them.

  • kevinsalotkevinsalot USUniversity ✭✭

    Thanks for the responses guys. My understanding is that Apple has since resolved the issue listed above (maybe not?).

    I know it doesn't impact app acceptance, but our management gets the notification emails for the warning. The nuances are hard to explain and at a high-level it doesn't look good if apple is sending you warnings about the quality of your app.

  • MarkFredricksonMarkFredrickson USMember ✭✭

    Just happening to me. I got the "push notification entitlement" email then my app was flagged with an "error importing this build". I submitted it again, got the same email but this time the app was imported ok. I'm waiting now for the review.

  • MarkFredricksonMarkFredrickson USMember ✭✭

    The review was accepted and I just submitted another update and the same email was sent and that review was also accepted so it looks like this is still a bug with Apple.

  • ReinVReinV BEMember ✭✭

    Just received this email aswel without using push. (march 10 2016)

  • And I received the message today...

  • GregStevensonGregStevenson GBMember ✭✭

    We got it today, too, and also aren't using push notifications.

  • PhilippeBourquePhilippeBourque CAUniversity ✭✭

    Got it today, I'm not using push notifications

  • JKayJKay USMember ✭✭✭

    still receiving message. Dont think I use push notifications. Even added aps-enviroment key to entitlements.plist. no luck

  • DanMiserDanMiser USMember ✭✭

    I got the email for the first time ever today. My app isn't using push.

  • cfl777cfl777 ZAMember ✭✭

    Also been receiving this warning after adding firebase

  • DanDickersonDanDickerson USMember ✭✭

    I just got it with my latest submission

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