o resource found that matches the given name

I build a screen with a image in my drawables (I have trhee version of my icon). When I opene the screen in the designer my icon apperas perfectly but when i try to build the project I got :

C:\Users\ybracho\Documents\Projects\ProfitMovilRetail\ProfitMovilRetail\Resources\layout\licenciarow.xml(0,0): Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at 'src' with value '@drawable/ic_03'). (ProfitMovilRetailX)

I am positivi that ic_03 is there and as I mentioned before in the GI designers is shown....

Any hint ?



  • YamilBrachoYamilBracho VEMember

    I solved it!!!
    RightClick in the bitmap in your drawable folder, select Build Action, the select Android Resource
    I "imported" all my bitmaps to my project, so is it a better way to do this ?


  • DaJaguarDaJaguar USMember

    This didn't solve my issue unfortunately, I'm still hitting the same issue :(

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