How to view version of Xamarin.iOS installed on PC?

SonNguyen.8158SonNguyen.8158 Son NguyenUSMember, University

I'm using Xamarin.iOS with Visual Studio 2013. The only place and time I can find the version of Xamarin.iOS which currently I have installed on my PC is when I get this warning in Visual Studio:

There is a minor mismatch between the installed Xamarin.iOS (version on the Mac Build Host and the local Xamarin.iOS When applying updates, make sure to keep both the Mac and Windows in sync.

I'm unable to find the Xamarin.iOS version in Visual Studio. I've checked under "Tools>Options>Xamarin>iOS Settings" but none of the settings there display a version number for Xamarin.iOS. This seems the most logical place that it would be available considering you can check for updates there and sync your SDK with the Mac Build Host there.

On my Mac Build Host I can view the installed version of Xamarin.iOS by selecting "Show Details" on Xamarin Studio's About page. On my PC, the Xamarin.iOS version doesn't show up under "Show Details" on the About page of Xamarin Studio.

I've also checked under Window's Programs and Features but the Xamarin.iOS version isn't listed there either. I don't see any reason for the PC Xamarin.iOS version to be hidden, I must be missing something obvious.


  • mattwardmattward Matt Ward GBMember Xamurai

    Did you try Help - About in Visual Studio? In the list on that dialog there seems to be the Xamarin products with their versions.

  • SonNguyen.8158SonNguyen.8158 Son Nguyen USMember, University

    Yessir, it's right there in Visual Studio's Help>About dialog, Thanks @mattward‌! I knew it was something obvious.

    In fact you get all three versions: Xamarin, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

  • ni1ni1 Henry Donald INMember ✭✭

    how can i downgrade my xamarin.ios version in vs 2015?

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