Thoughts about Android Game/Application

Hello there !

This is my very first post , and i'm so glad for joining the Xamarin Community !

So, i've been thinking about making an Android Application. (or should i call it a game :/ hmm..) The concept is simple.

There is one backgroud image. Then , little images appear on screen and the goal is to touch each time the correct one. (The rules are not importand for now)

And my questions are:

Should i call it a game ? (Consindering the fact that there an no physics on it)
Should i develop it with some Game engine like Unity or what else ?
Do i have to mess with CocosSharp ?
Or "you can just use images dude !"
Thank you in advance !

PS: This is my first Xamarin Application - and sorry for my English ! :)


  • CheesebaronCheesebaron DKInsider, University mod

    Sounds what you need is simply a couple of ImageView instances with Touch events implemented and some logic. Don't go overboard with game engines, they are not necessary for this particular case.

  • I think that this is what i will do.

    Thank you !

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