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How to completely remove Component references in a project?

I've just started testing Xamarin Studio, I have a Start account so I'm facing the 64kb limit, so far I haven't got any trouble with the stuff I've been testing for iOS development.

That is until I tried to test a Component from the Component Store. I tried to download the Reactive Extensions component for Xamarin, but after doing so the size of my app exceeded the 64 kb limits. I thought that by removing the references in my classes would reset the size of my app to how previously would let me again test my project, but I still got the message saying my app was too big.

I even deleted the Components folder in my solution, but still the size is too large. I get warnings stating the reference is not valid for the target framework of the project. How can a reference still exist if I'm not using the library anymore? I even deleted the folder from my solution.

When I click on Edit Components... on my iOS project it says no Components are on the project, but the Reactive Extensions component is still listed as downloaded. Do I have to uninstall the component? If I create an empty project I don't have problem compiling, but now the project I was working on is ruined since the total size is larger than the 64Kb limit.

What files are causing this problem? How can I rescue my current progress? I want to avoid copy-pasting my files, but if that is the only way I'll have to deal with it then.

Any help will be of great help.


  • auam88auam88 MXMember

    I found how to solve this issue, even though I deleted the component from my project, the references remained.

    I was expecting for the references to delete themselves when I removed the Component from project, but after manually removing them I was able to build my app again.

  • ArieBaasArieBaas USMember, University

    @auam88 What steps did you take to remove them manually?
    Because I deleted the references, but Xamarin still want to link to it.
    So is there a file where I have to delete some lines?

  • VinayYuvashankarVinayYuvashankar CAMember
    edited August 2015

    Through some trial and error I was able to accomplish it.

    I used this and this to completely remove OxyPlot from my project.

    I kind of went overboard, but one of these many things worked for me.

    Here are the instructions for the mac.

    These instructions are for the OS X, i'm not a Windows guy.

    1. Open up pacages.config in your solution and remove the lines of the packages that you no longer desire.

    2. Open up terminal and cd into /Projects/AppName/Components and remove everything with your package's name.

    3. cd into ~/Library/Caches/Xamarin/Components and remove all instances of the package's name.

    Hope this helps.

  • GenaTruiniGenaTruini USMember

    You might also have to edit the project file (.csproj) manually to make sure the component is fully removed from the project. Removing from the Components manager didn't seem to do it for me.

  • HowdyHoHowdyHo USMember ✭✭

    This didn't help me, but it may help someone else. I just created the entire project without components.

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