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Bug? - GetMetadataOutputRectOfInterestForRect does not return transfored coordinates

JasonAwbreyJasonAwbrey USInsider, University, Developer Group Leader mod

I'm using iOS 7 barcode scanning in my project. It works great for a full screen camera view, but I want to define a specific target region of the screen to use for capture. I define a region of my screen, then call GetMetadataOutputRectOfInterestForRect() to transform it to metadata coordinates, which are a [0,0] - [1,1] system.

RectangleF region = new RectangleF (this.View.Bounds.X + 10, this.View.Bounds.Height / 2 - 35, this.View.Bounds.Width - 20, 70);
// output is a AVCaptureMetadataOutput ();
output.RectOfInterest = output.GetMetadataOutputRectOfInterestForRect(region);

However, it seems like the result of GetMetadataOutputRectOfInterestForRect is always the same as the input, when I would expect it to be a transformed into the metadata coordinate space.

Can anyone verify/replicate this?

Just looking for a sanity check before I submit a bug.

I'm using the latest stable release.

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