Continuous integration for android


I'm recently working on automatic building of android. I came across some guides and discussion here but couldn't find a solution yet.

I realized that the walkthrough in reference (1) guided to use mdtool on iOS, however, msbuild on android. This gives me the problem due to different project configuration in some project. For instance, project A has configuration "Debug", "Beta", "Release", however project B only has "Debug" and "Release", and project A is the startup project.

In the situation above, let's say I would like to build project A with configuration "Debug", is has no problem as the configuration would just pass to all dependant projects. The problem comes when building "Beta" configuration in Project A. There is no way for me to inform the MSBuild that please use "Release" for project B and a complaint was thrown from MSBuild.

Also, I tried to build individual project without by supplying flag of /p:BuildProjectReferences=false, it seems that the dependant project is still build and same error was thrown.

I think I almost out of solution here and looking for expert from here. Any helps are welcome, thank you~

Exact command used for build:
"%MS_BUILD_PATH%\MSBuild.exe" /t:PackageForAndroid /p:BuildProjectReferences=false /p:Configuration=Beta "%SOLUTION_PATH%\%SOLUTION_NAME%



  • KohCheanSiongKohCheanSiong USMember ✭✭
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    I think I overlook the result of compilation, and the /p:BuildProjectReferences=false does work here.

    The problem I had here is that the /p:Configuration=Beta doesn't exist in Project B. When compiling project A with Configuration "Beta" which exist in project A but doesn't exist in project B would

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