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MasterDetailPage, Detail page's title is always invisible

SubhaMuralidharanSubhaMuralidharan USMember ✭✭
edited September 2014 in Xamarin.Forms


I am using MasterDetailPage and its working beautifully. But my problem is I have set Title to my Detail page, which is not shown at all, and its always invisible. If I navigate to Detail page normally without using MasterDetailPage, Title is shown properly. Added sample code of my MasterDetailPage.

// Create the master page with the ListView.
            this.Master = new ContentPage
                Title = "Master",
                Content = new StackLayout
                    Children = 

            // Create the detail page using NamedColorPage

            this.Detail = new NotesListPage (_noteId, _viewUnreadNotes);
            this.Detail.Title = "Notes";

Anyone ever experienced such behavior in MasterDetailPage?


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