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Xamarin issues after upgrade to support iOS8

We found some issues for new Xamarin.

  1. We created one SingleView app. The MainStoryboard’s launch controller is “SingleViewApp1ViewController”, but we cannot find this file in the project, and in this project, there is one file named “RootViewController”. We try to set the backgroundcolor for this controller, it is not working.

  2. We created another app, the View.Frame’s height and width are 0 in ViewDidLoad. The height and width of old Xamarin project which using monotouch.dll are 1024 and 768.

  3. We try to create app in Xamarin.Studio in Mac, it cannot add portable reference dll. It said “Incompatible target framework…”.

  4. We try to update our existing project follow the guide in, we used VS to update the project. Your guide is based on Xamarin.Studio.
    In step 2. Update project references. We selected “Xamarin.iOS” as reference, but it is still using “monotouch” in our project. We cannot continue the next steps. When we updated the project Xamarin.Studio “successful”. But when we open the project in VS, it is still using “monotouch” in project.

Could you please give some advice for those issues?

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