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I am using Carousel page with two content pages as a children. After loading and done with binding on click of any item of ListView i want my second content page to slide and come in focus. I tried few things but it doesn't seems to be working so please help to achieve this.


  • PradeepVishwakarmaPradeepVishwakarma INMember ✭✭
    edited October 2014

    After lots of research and trying many things i achieve this by doing few steps that i would like to share to help if any one facing the same what i did was OnItemSelected event i put this.BatchBegin(); and then logic to get current tapped item and then changing current page by this.CurrentPage = this.Children[1]; and at the end i used this.BatchCommit(); and its working fine now.

    public void OnItemSelected(object sender, ItemTappedEventArgs e)
    var mealCategory = e.Item as YourModel;
    if (mealCategory == null)

                var htmlSource = new HtmlWebViewSource { Html = MealsViewModel.GetMealsDetail(mealCategory) };
                webViewMealsDetail.Source = htmlSource;
                this.CurrentPage = this.Children[1];
            catch (Exception ex)
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    Thank you so much @PradeepVishwakarma . I was looking for exact same thing and there was no direct answer yet.

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