Minimum requirements to display a basic sprite on WinDX

What do I need to do to display a sprite on screen in a Windows Cocos application?

I have tried the below:

  • Create a 'Content' folder in the Windows project
  • Create an 'Img' folder in the Windows project, add 'image.png', set Build Action to .. ?
  • In my app delegate subclass, in ApplicationDidFinishLaunching, set application.ContentRootDirectory = "Content", then application.ContentSearchPaths.Add("Img")
  • In my layer class , in AddedToScene, create a sprite with new CCSprite("image.png") { Position = VisibleBoundsWorldSpace.Center }; , then AddChild(sprite);

Now I expect to see the image in the middle of the screen, but there is nothing displayed! Some quick debugging shows that ContentSize is 0,0. If I try to create the sprite in two steps using a texture, the texture has a 0,0 contentsize and does not appear to have loaded the image. However, there is no debug output or information that suggests what could be wrong.

Any ideas?

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