Xamarin vs Visual - bundle vs embedded resource

matcheymatchey USMember, Beta ✭✭

We're still trying to set up the Visual Studio environment - and still have some issues.
Debugging the application on device from VS does not currently work correctly for us, so we tried to use VS for development/simulator debugging and then deploy/debug on device from Xamarin Studio.

Seems easy, but we have huge problems in getting our external resources (we have images in separate project) working.
1. Under Visual Studio it works when we mark images as 'Embedded Resource' (files copied to final .app). No other option works.
2. Under Xamarin Studio it works when we mark images either as 'Content' or 'Bundle Resource'. But when we mark them as EmbeddedResource it does not pick up the files.

Result - we cannot compile the solution both in XS and VS :(
Are there any fixes/workarounds for that?

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