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How do I set ContentPage.BackgroundImage NOT to be tiled?

CarloCarlo USMember, University
edited September 2014 in Xamarin.Forms

I am using Xamarin.Forms and I can set the ContentPage's background image to an image and it does display. However, it is displayed tiled - my image is smaller than the ContentPage so multiple tiled instances of it fills up the background. Is there a way/setting that I can use to display the background image (just one instance) centered in the ContentPage? Thanks!


  • I second this request. Images have the Aspect property which would do the job, but Page's BackgroundImage isn't an Image -- just a string -- so Aspect seems to be inaccessible. I'd like to avoid making custom renderers just for this, if possible.

  • CarloCarlo USMember, University

    Do we have any alternative(s)/workaround(s) to accomplish this? Mind sharing? I'm a novice so thanks for your patience. :)

  • SonNguyen.8158SonNguyen.8158 USMember, University ✭✭

    I would also like to control the aspect of page backgrounds within Xamarin.Forms, or at least know the reason why it's not more accessible.

  • KentoKento USMember

    +1 on this issue. Another problem I'm having is that when I size the image perfectly for portrait orientation when the app goes to horizontal, it then tiles.

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