Component vs nuget package (sqlite-net,, etc etc)

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So I recently noticed that sqlite-net is available as both a Xamarin component and as a nuget package.
As of writing this post both are v1.0.8. I wonder though, is there any difference to using one or the other?

I imagine the dll (component) has more overhead. Not sure if there is any overhead on every call or just the initial one. Though this could be pretty negligible.
Would there be any benefit to having the .cs compiled directly into your project?

I took a look at as both a component and a nuget package.
This time I was quite surprised to see the component was v4.5.11 (released November 20 2012) but the nuget package was v6.0.4. I am not sure if component adds itself as a source file or dll but surely the updates over the last 2 years could have made some difference...

Any idea why the component is using such an old version?


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    I'd recommend you to use NuGet packages. Xamarin components are only available for Android and/or iOS where (some) NuGet packages can be used in shared project, and generally have more recent versions. Before PCL and NuGet support, it made sense to use components in linked projects, but with PCL I think that NuGet is the way to go.

  • MICROSOFT!!! get on the same page with this topic please. The documentation I find when trying to implement something new is never consistent. Sometimes its using components and other documentation is using nuget. Package names are also similar between them and this makes you think you have the write packages and when you follow the example and finally get to the part of copy&paste and you find the you are using the nugget package and they are using the component. It is driving me nuts. Almost to the point of giving up development entirely. While I'm on this rant I might as well add that working with forms is a pain. There is usually 3 places I look for documentation (Azure, Xamarin, Microsoft forums). They all explain things using different packages and different versions of packages. There is outdated screenshots all over the place including screenshots of the old azure portal. Found this guys Adrian Hall that has a book with documentation and it looked very promising until I found he was using components. He says in stack overflow email me with any questions but his email is no where to be found.

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