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MVVM Jagged ListView Design

Hi All,

I am building my first MVVM project with Xamarin.Forms and all is going very well so far.

The main element of the project is a questionnaire.
The questions are multiple choice but each question has a different number of answers.
I want each possible answer to be a button.

So for example

question 1 has 4 buttons for each possible answer and

question 2 has 3 buttons for each possible answer.

I am thinking of creating a top level ListView that would contain a set of ListViews - one for each question and its possible answers.
However this feels as though I am going end up with a seperate ViewModel for each question and its possible answers.

Can I have people's thoughts on the best way to go with this?

Has anyone got or seen a good example I could look at ?

Thanks in advance.



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